We have the best and most wonderful sponsors! 😍 We would like to thank, from the bottom of our hearts, all the sponsors of the Rockettes in 2016-2017! Your support is an irreplaceable and important part both in our everyday training and during the most special moments of the season, thank you all ❤ #Rockettes #RCKT #Kisakallio #LuckySkate #Fjällräven #Westerback #puhtikaura #kiitostepi #Mehiläinen #nuorinainen #VantaanEnergia #energiaaelämään #ZeroPoint #zpcompression
Saturday was not our day. We started our strong free program with determination. Unfortunately before the end of our performance we had some bad luck with us and there happened some falls. We fought through the obsticles but ended up 5th in the competition. Nothing is sure in this sport and anything can happen, but we feel strong because no one goes through these difficulties alone - we're a team. One competition doesn't define us, we define ourselves. This trip to Colorado Springs was an amazing experience and the time spent with this team is something we'll cherish forever. We'd like to thank everyone who has supported us along our journey this season, you mean the world to us. Thank you parents, fans and everyone who has stood with us all the way! 💛 #Rockettes #RCKT Photo: Kiki van Gool Fotografie

Muodostelmaluistelun MM-kilpailut 2017 luisteltiin Colorado Springsissä USA:ssa viikonloppuna 5.-8.4.2017. Rockettes oli lyhytohjelman jälkeen kolmantena ja sai pronssiset pikkumitalit. Vapaaohjelmassa tapahtui kuitenkin harmillinen virhe joka kostautui ja RCKT sijoittui MM-kisojen viidenneksi pistein 193,87. Suomen Marigold IceUnity sijoittui hopealle. Joukkue voitti vapaaohjelman, mutta se ei riittänyt nostamaan sitä maailmanmestaruuteen, jonka vei täpärästi 0,12 pisteen erolla jälleen Venäjän Team Paradise. Onnittelut MIU!

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